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What Do We Do

Turning Slash into Power

B.Berry Enterprises is constantly contracted by forest companies to remediate recently logged areas for fire-abatement problems, public relations issues, and to encourage future growth.

Useable logs are stick-piled at roadside for easy transport to mills, while slash and debris is converted into boiler fuel.

Instead of creating dangerous slash piles, logging debris including stumps and unusable logs are processed through a horizontal grinder that produces hog fuel from debris.

The finely ground debris is loaded into large steel bins and transported to the Catalyst boiler, turning biomass into fuel for the paper mill, with the possibility of putting excess electricity back into the power grid.

Bark is separated from the logs, and triple-screened for municipal landscaping projects on the west coast, and also for sale to discerning gardeners through local gardening shops.

Demolition Debris

B.Berry Enterprises is experienced in demolition projects large and small, and diverts thousands of tonnes of materials away from local landfills and into environmentally friendly power projects.

Metals are separated from wood as used building materials are processed through the grinder, with metals being recycled and wood debris feeding power boilers.

Road Reclamation

B.Berry Enterprises has extensive experience in both road building and road reclamation projects.

Logging companies from throughout Vancouver Island look to B.Berry Enterprises to assist in some of their most challenging road construction projects.

Clean Technology

B.Berry's low carbon footprint, and innovative use of logging debris helped Catalyst Paper to become the first company to bring manufactured carbon-neutral paper to the mass-market, which was quickly adopted as the paper-of-choice by Rolling Stone Magazine.

B.Berry Enterprises has volunteered thousands of hours and dollars to local salmon enhancement projects, restoring streams after logging or storm events.

A stringent equipment maintenance schedule that exceeds industry and manufacturer standards has allowed B.Berry Enterprises to attain special certification from Fisheries and Oceans Canada to conduct in-stream work where heavy equipment is usually forbidden.